The best medical care and telemedicine program.


Health care services such as doctor, dentist, ophthalmologist and even recipes are expensive. How do we give access to health services for all in an affordable way before the next flu season?


We help amigohealth build the most affordable discount program in health and telemedicine services in the US. UU., Access to 100,000 suppliers in 50 states, in a record time from the conceptualization to the market in 18 weeks.

Thanks to our agile and high-speed methodologies, as well as to our advanced advanced engineering, with amigohealth, we were able to define a business model and create from scratch a reliable and high-performance solution for the launch in all the US. UU For Android and iPhone devices.

Affordable price compatible with major networks.

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En 18 semanas paso de ser sólo una idea a estar en el mercado real

The most affordable medicine solution in the United States