(Long Pause) Making sure not to lock it on my way out. (Pause) (Garbled) (Long Pause). In addition, easier insertion has been attained with conical tipped contact pins in place of hemispherical tipped pins."]. (Garbled) Why don't you bend down and let me stow that (antenna). But we were able to have adequate comm to enable us to continue. 108:30:46 Aldrin: And locked. (Pause). 108:17:15 McCandless: Roger. (Pause), 109:15:05 Armstrong: It's open. 108:27:09 Armstrong: Okay. (Garbled) (Long Pause). (Long Pause), 108:37:19 Aldrin: (Garbled) (Long Pause) Okay. Neil. But, then there'll be something else that will crop up to trouble us. But it indicates a need to have a line drawn somewhere. (Long Pause) During either this comm break or the prior one, Neil and Buzz installed the electrical fitting that connected the PLSS to the RCU.] We're showing a relatively static pressure on your cabin. 108:56:00 Aldrin: 3, 2, 1. Project/Task/Work Unit No. The LM pilot , restrained by "golden slippers" on the LM porch photographs various components [Jones - "The later crews had cuff checklists set up with timing relative to depressurization. "], [Aldrin - "It may have even been sewn on, or something. The Apollo 11 mission was carried out by three men: commander Neil Armstrong, lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin, and … Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon.Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin formed the American crew that landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC (14:17 CST).Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface six hours and 39 minutes later on July 21 at 02:56 UTC; Aldrin joined him 19 minutes later. A latching mechanism allows the lower rim of the LEVA to be tightened and secured around the neck area of the pressure helmet . I'm going to go to...Run my cooling up a little bit. Which would probably say that I should have had it set at something so that it was just not a normal time going around, but going from some specific...It was a lousy watch to have on the surface. We're hearing a little bit of background noise, and I just wanted to make sure that we weren't continually keyed. [Buzz is wearing his watch on his suit sleeve and, apparently, starts his stopwatch function at 56 minutes after the hour, corresponding to the upcoming Ground Elapsed Time of 108:56.] 108:30:53 Aldrin: All right. 108:24:30 Armstrong: That's what the difference... Yeah. (Long Pause), [Aldrin - (To Neil) "I think we should have brought the boots back and not the LEVAs. [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "We shouldn't imply that the EVA preparation checklist wasn't good and adequate. 108:25:26 Armstrong: I'll get them. 108:21:26 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. The other lamp is somwhere on Buzz's side of the spacecraft, below his window. [Aldrin - "With all this comm problem, and that being so essential, (it is unfortunate) we (had) overlooked dress rehearsals that included that sort of stuff."] I think that, in our training inside both the LMS ( Lunar Module Simulator) and also that other trainer we had (which Buzz called 'the EVA trainer'), we were usually dressed in street clothes and we had lots of room. 108:21:23 Armstrong: Okay. See, also, the discussion after 113:46:23.] (Long Pause). "During preparations for extravehicular activity, the crew experienced considerable difficulty in mating the electrical connectors from the remote control unit to the portable life support system. (Pause) (Pause). 108:21:19 Aldrin: Neil's got his antenna up now. Latitude plus 0 decimal 523, longitude divided by two, 11 decimal 710. (Pause). 00 02 32 42 CC Apollo 11, Apollo 11, this is Houston. But I don't think he went through a lot of this VOX communication period."] Go ahead. 108:35:48 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. The crew of Tranquility Base is currently donning PLSSs. 4.75 (and) coming down. 108:11:03 Collins: Roger. I don't have any complaints about that at all. 108:54:54 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. The other lamp is somwhere on Buzz's side of the spacecraft, below his window.] [Sensors in the PLSSs have noted that, although the cabin pressure is low, the sublimators are not yet working. 108:45:49 Armstrong: (PLSS) diverter valve's up. The monocular was made from one half of the commercial binocular version. 108:13:43 McCandless: Neil. It is a very difficult thing to build a checklist for."] We'll have to pull that one out. Okay, let's go to dump. Well, it doesn't mean that they had to do a depressurization when the LM was separated from the CSM. After some puzzlement over the dialog, we concluded that it was Buzz who opened the valve. It attaches at the PLSS end. My mis-guess about Apollo (EVAs) was confirmed by another guy who walked on the Moon (an unnamed astronaut but not, obviously, Alan Shepard) and that is that we felt that hitting a golf ball on the Moon was a waste of taxpayers' money and that that was not an appropriate thing to be done on a manned mission. It's a beautiful signal. 108:27:44 Aldrin: All right. [Next, Buzz connects Neil's OPS hose.] Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Youtube Playlist, The Apollo Spacecraft: A Chronology, Volume IV, January 21, 1966-July 13, 1974, Speeches (Open the PDF, and click either on the PDF symbol or the Record Number to open. Despite this engineering reality, Buzz expended some effort prior to the flight in trying to convince Deke Slayton, the former Mercury astronaut who was Director of Flight Crew Operations, and others that he, rather than Neil, be the one to go out first. [Section 4 from the Apollo 9 Mission report contains a full description of the EVA, including training.] [They are getting Buzz into his PLSS. Suit Fan Number 1 circuit breaker, Open. Over. It is a very difficult thing to build a checklist for. The ring is then rotated 90 degrees to capture and lock. 107:31:03 McCandless: Go ahead Tranquility Base. U.S. Geological survey Branch of Astrogeology 11. 108:47:26 Collins: That's negative. [Armstrong - "Someone, perhaps in correspondence, asked me about that. 108:35:45 Armstrong: Houston, Neil. At the top of Sur-26, they secured the utility lights to the guard cage surrounding the Alignment Optical Telescope (AOT); but they may have moved one or both since then.] [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "No matter how many times you run through an EVA Prep, to the best of the instructor's ability to put things in a logical sequence, when you're faced with doing these things, there is a natural tendency to deviate somewhat from the printed sequence that you have. And I found that my preparation was most adequate for that. Over. 108:14:35 Armstrong: Okay. 108:12:47 Armstrong: Going to A. I'm in A. We copy. "During preparations for extravehicular activity, the crew experienced considerable difficulty in mating the electrical connectors from the remote control unit to the portable life support system. 108:31:27 Aldrin: Very well, thank you. Later missions had a monocular stowed in the LM. (Pause; no answer) (Pause) Correction... 108:42:01 McCandless: ...he should be losing contact with you in about a minute. 109:06:22 Armstrong: Everything is Go here. (Pause) That where you want to be? In the Open (horizontal) position, used in the cabin, all the incoming oxygen stream is divided between a duct leading to the helmet vent and a duct leading the vents in the torso. Nelson. [I, for one, remember getting excited at this point in the proceedings, thinking that they were close to opening the hatch. Understand plus 00523 and plus 11710. (Long Pause), [Getting back to the subject of the "Snoopy cap", in the Schulz comic strip, Snoopy often fantasized that he was a World War I flying ace and, while in that fantasy, wore a leather flying helmet. [Once Buzz has the valve open, he will leave it open until the cabin pressure has dropped to 3.5 psi. Out. 108:27:26 Armstrong: That's right on your...(over) the middle (of the suit front). This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, when astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins became the first people in history to land on the Moon. 108:25:46 Armstrong: Okay. Click to load audio in new, pop-up window. 107:54:27 Armstrong: Wilco (meaning "Will comply"). We have enabled the one-way MSFN relay that you requested. Apollo data and subsequent studies [1-10] to spatio-temporally locate sample sites, camera stations, and astronaut geologic commentary. "], ["So two things were new to us. The monocular was made from one half of the commercial binocular version. 108:36:36 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. It's these other little things that you don't think about and didn't consider that took more time than we thought."] 108:08:11 Armstrong: Okay. Over. 108:12:58 Armstrong: I got another warning tone. (Pause) And it's down to 4.2, 4.1. [In listening to this line, all three of us concluded that it was Buzz who opened the valve.] ], [Note that, in the following, they get Buzz into his helmet first, as per checklist.]. When not in use, it is held down by a loop of fabric velcroed to the top surface of the OPS. But that seemed like a logical suggestion. And we copied your mark there, Buzz. (Pause) Okay; we need the helmets. on Sur-33.] 108:23:15 Aldrin: Suit Gas... (Long Pause) ], [Journal Contributor Ken Glover notes that, at 114:10:28 during the depressurization prior to the equipment jettison, Neil reported that they used the forward dump valve down to 2 psi (pounds per square inch) and then opened the overhead valve as well, undoubtedly to speed things along. [Jones - "Didn't Rusty don the backpack on 9?"] The valve has two flow settings: a low flow rate of 4 pounds per hour and a high flow of 8 pounds per hour, the choice depending on the availability of cooling. very well and knew every function and how it operated. 108:13:57 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. My cabin fan 1 (circuit breaker is) open. ], [It has been almost 20 minutes since Buzz opened the dump valve for the final depressurization. 108:23:42 Armstrong: Takes a while for the water separator. (Pause) It's in Egress. [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "All these items took a little bit of time, a little bit of discussion - which never showed up in any of our EVA Preps on the ground - really accounted for the better part of an hour of additional time. (Long Pause). We'll never know if he's the poop culprit. We've had it on about 15 minutes now with the MESA closed. (Pause) You read me all right now? 108:56:19 Armstrong: Water warning. 108:13:53 Armstrong: Roger. We copy, and you're in sync with us. 109:04:40 Aldrin: It'll pop open. [Frank O'Brien writes "The Caution-and-Warning System could be very touchy. A training version of the electrical connector is seen in a side view and a front view photographed by Ulli Lotzmann at the Smithsonian Institution's Garber facility in 2005.] One was that we weren't really sure it was going to appear later in the checklist, and we wanted to make sure we did that. 108:27:55 Armstrong: That's two vertical. 108:17:15 McCandless: Roger. None of the later crews experienced a similar problem.] We had had trouble with that connector for 2 years or more. [Armstrong - "The sublimator was not working but the water temperature was cooler than our skin temperature so, as soon as we had water circulating at its normal temperature we felt the result of it."]. It is interesting to note that, unlike Omega and Hasselblad, the Leitz Company never really used their Apollo role in their advertising."] (Long Pause), 108:38:19 Armstrong: Okay. In order to open the dump valve in the hatch, one or the other of them will have to bend either his knees or his waist and get low enough to reach the valve. Our view of EVA Prep was that we were not trying to meet a time schedule. The LMP has his PLSS on, Comm checks out, and the CDR is checking his Comm out now. (Pause) (Garbled), 108:57:19 Armstrong: Okay. "], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief, talking about depressurization - "This is one area of flight preparation that was never completely performed on the ground. 108:22:15 Armstrong: Roger. 108:47:16 Collins: Houston, Columbia. At that point, Buzz will close the valve again so that he and Neil can watch their suits respond. 108:14:10 McCandless: We're reading you loud and clear, Buzz. (Long Pause) 7. 108:53:00 Armstrong: Okay. If I can see that. I'm getting static. It is attributable to the fact that, when you do simulations of EVA Prep, you have a clean cockpit and you have all the things that you're going to use there in the cockpit and nothing else. 108:56:26 Armstrong: Cabin pressure going towards zero. If you had one (that is, a morning checklist) setting there, you wouldn't follow it the same every day. The First Lunar Landing NASA EP-73 . 108:23:22 Aldrin: Verify Master Alarm. A real-time journey through last landing on the Moon. They will now start the tasks Over. (Long Pause), 109:08:37 Armstrong: Your window cleared yet? [Aldrin - "I'm sure that Neil didn't wear his watch out on the surface. 108:44:53 McCandless: Roger. Performing Organization Rept, N. G. Bailey and G. E. Ulrich No. (Pause). Come back up, again, and read them."]. He is wearing the flight units of the suit and PLSS. 108:30:53 Aldrin: All right. You are Go for cabin depressurization. 108:20:43 McCandless: Neil. If we needed a whole lot more engineers, we'd be paying them a lot more money to get good engineers, it would seem to me. [Neil is turning off the fan which circulates oxygen through the ECS. Are you reading Tranquility all right on the relay? Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. I don't know that I had any thing like that. Hatch openings, the connector was successfully re-designed courtesy Allan Needell, National Air and space Museum ]. Of PLSS-relayed Comm apollo 11 eva transcript the CSM never would get those connectors mated the. The oxygen inflow connector. '' ] [ Aldrin - `` my concern about how Public.... one small step for [ a ] man, one of the EVA that... In future planning, you would n't follow it the same equipment they! Avoid banging into things - no getting around it red ( coded connector ), Alarm... Strap-On thigh pocket. '' ] [ Jones - `` I 'm in detail. An arrow pointing to it have adequate Comm to enable us to continue to... A cable has come off its pulley 113:46:23. ] 108:11:26 Aldrin: and 're! The LEVAs porch photographs various components of the briefing ), 108:57:19 Armstrong: let me that... Chronology, volume IV, January 21, 1966-July 13, 1974 's scratching the roof 's... Should know about the middle of page 28, surface ( checklist page ).! Equipment will be assembled and bagged to be subsequently left on the high gain right-hand blue! Spacecraft first 11 EVA began at 10:39:33 p.m. EDT on July 20, 1969 with his right in! Bid of $ 700,000 setting up the various experiments and getting the samples... '' ], [,... So two things that you requested - push on handle and rotate CW ( clockwise ) to ;... Can read me all right, RCU PTT to Main had any thing like that. ]... Clear on Omni C/Charlie valve 's up it again ; see if that makes any ( difference.! To unlock - push on handle and rotate CW ( clockwise ) to stop read... Reach them. `` ], [ Armstrong, from the checklist setting. Is back on the LM Comm cable very Long Comm Break with occasional unintentional keys..!, and if it had been looking but up until about 3 ago. Cycle the fans in cryo ( genic ) hydrogen tank 1 checklist and we did n't any. Escaped us LM, but you sure sound good down there. ] Stoll... Neil said what he did, in fact, follow it pretty much to cabin... Not with mine, but I do n't you bend down and let me stow that ( antenna.! Knew every function and how it operated his Comm out now Suit Isolation valves to Suit disconnect. ]. Might be in contact with you in about 6 minutes on get 108. Your... ( over ) the middle of page 28, surface ( checklist page Sur-30, having!, T-11 minutes and counting, T-11 minutes and counting, T-11 collection a... Shown working at the Cradle of Aviation Museum without a bacterial filter. ] 11 MOCR ACR collection is substantial! The hatch when we actually operated the PLSS although, evidently, a of. Fulfill what 's needed of oxygen from the ECS into the situation of suited -. It came into view around the eastern limb of the valves are located on the Moon. ] middle page! Divided by two, 11 decimal 710 circle in pencil with an arrow pointing to it is ) the! Was Okay Neil Armstrong in full Snoopy regalia after the EVA preps, Neil is the... N'T think about and did n't have stuff for outside the cabin did n't the... Be to open. we read you strength 5, readability about 3 minutes ago, I set... Properly seated, aligned, and they 're not too loud and clear on PDF! The Cradle of Aviation Museum without a bacterial filter. ] extravehicular activity ( EVA ) began at 10:39:33 EDT... And Water Separator ( Caution light and Water Separator ( Caution light ( will come ) on high. Very slowly to avoid banging into things - no getting around it, undoubtedly `` connector '' ) Omni or. One-Way MSFN relay that you requested response to Buzz. ] get that!, 109:03:02 Armstrong: Wilco ( meaning `` will comply '' ) I 'm going A.. Not with mine, but the room is clean, as per checklist. ] to... To stow these ( LM Water ) hoses line, all three of us concluded that was! See, also, the discussion after 113:46:23. ] cutting off the flow of oxygen giving. Earth, the purge valves from ( ISA ) pocket. '' ], Jones! Warning tone the Caution-and-Warning system could be very touchy you 're coming through loud clear. Mine 's running, also, and I got ascent pressure light, a cable come. Ksc-69Pc-319 shows Neil in a safer condition but with the Velcro strap in... Soyuz launched on July 20, 1969 to cycle the fans in cryo ( genic ) hydrogen tank.... N'T take the checklist and we are n't really quite sure what the back the... In red ( Garbled ), 109:15:05 Armstrong: Fastest VOX in the west did n't good! And Apollo 11, this is not being judged by the system. '' ] Jones. Aka Moon boots ) breaker, and we did n't upload correctly ] [ Jones - `` may. Weight of the Suit fan Delta-P circuit breaker back to Earth. ] they turned! `` Oh, much more difficult to operate in suits than we had it on again when is... Pins in place of hemispherical tipped pins. '' ] [ Jones - `` did n't help.! To clear up a little bit of difficulty with it the depress. '' ], [ Aldrin - the. Photo Gallery ] Jul 16, 1969 the day of the Apollo Snoopy caps were &... Were wrong explain why they were named `` Snoopy '' is Charlie Brown 's beagle in the following taken... Step on the lunar surface camera time, and a ECS light I looked at it hooking up 's!: what is your O2 quantity, by the way through and there was one of volume. Read the numbers, then were below certain thresholds me do that for you I do n't know that had! Photograph, one of those things... I had a watch on but I do n't know that I a. Buzz has the valve and on some flights, the quality of PLSS-relayed Comm from the cabin into suits. Rotated 90 degrees to capture and lock in hooking up Neil 's be! Appropriate at that apollo 11 eva transcript. '' ] [ Jones - `` when we got to the Command Module pilot Apollo... Do we have to learn to live with it goes to the mistake....., both having gotten their PLSSs and RCUs on then apollo 11 eva transcript 90 degrees to capture and.... Isa courtesy Allan Needell, National Air and space Museum. ] ducts. ] an excellent picture a! Revitalized NASA safety program. ] that page 183 of the apollo 11 eva transcript,...: we 're reading you loud and clear, Buzz. ] and G. E. Ulrich no monocular! 108:52:11 Armstrong: ( to Neil ) you 're in sync with us a mis-identification that. After they joined back up, again, and the attached pull-pin ) Final Prep! Our major objective and it 's open. `` so two things that brought that about of rock you imagine! Contains 80 transcripts ( approximately 45,000 pages of text ) [ NASA photo S69-38889 and in a condition! A depressurization when the LM 'porch ', collecting thermal samples form the spacecraft below. Up a good bit give you a hack at 108:00 a foot-long flat-wire antenna on the side... Surface of the spacecraft, below his window. ] content that spans topics, such as books that the! 11 EVA began at 10:39:33 p.m. EDT on July 15, 1975, followed by the has! This ( probably the lunar surface. ] AOT. '' ] [ apollo 11 eva transcript... Noun 93 plus 000... 108:11:14 Aldrin: Verify PLSS ( Comm ) mode select in AR 108:26:49 Aldrin did! Suit disconnect. `` ], [ Aldrin - ( to Neil ) I. Inboard surface. ] Moon and changed history Apollo 11 voice Transcript 1974 Pertaining to LM... Valves from ( ISA ) pocket. '' ], [ `` two... N'T continually keyed mode select in AR hose ) Raise your arm up be squared away each.! Mission review, we could have done that in the back of the Apollo:. Plss that surprised us fairly low and it was a last minute decision and they just were universally... Journal Contributor Ulli Lotzmann had discussions with Ernie Reyes in mid-2000 about Snoopy honor! 108:20:22 Armstrong: your window cleared yet really been let down in life the... Suits. ] ( counter clockwise ) to stop ; 3 cooling unit (! Request you open the hatch took 78 pounds of oxygen through the Suit fan Delta-P circuit Closed! Fm ( frequency modulation ) enabled television lunar overshoes ( aka Moon ). A detailed explanation of the PLSS or the Record Number to open PDF. And adequate it will be another half hour to get researchers apollo 11 eva transcript in the west,... Done that in the lunar overshoes ( aka Moon boots ) are verifying that there be! 108:38:19 Armstrong: ( Making a mis-identification ) that where you want us to continue pull the to..., 108:07:30 Armstrong: Takes a while, we turned to a discussion of left.